Valdosta city councilman talks possible SDS agreement

Valdosta council member talks possible service delivery agreement with Lowndes Co.

VALDOSTA, Ga. (WALB) - A Valdosta City Council member is hopeful a proposed service agreement will be reached soon between the city and Lowndes County.

The agreement is now in the city’s hands for consideration, after Lowndes County Commissioners passed it last week.

The agreement determines who will provide specific services and how citizens will be taxed between the two.

With the language passed by the county, they believe it allows all specific service decisions to be decided on a case-by-case basis.

County commissioners said they hope the city will pass the agreement by the end of the month.

Andy Gibbs, Valdosta District 6 councilman
Andy Gibbs, Valdosta District 6 councilman (Source: WALB)

Valdosta City Council member Andy Gibbs said they have been discussing the agreement amongst themselves for the time being.

“I don’t know where everybody stands. I don’t really know. I mean, I’ve talk to them and I’ve had a few of them to say that they like that it’s simple. They like that it’s clear, but they also still want to make sure that the way they’re reading it is the way they’re understanding it," said Gibbs.

Gibbs said he is not aware of the approval for the agreement being on a meeting agenda yet.

He said he’s hoping for a resolution so they don’t lose out on potential businesses because they could not work out their issues.

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