Dougherty Co. EMA director prepares for the worst

Dougherty Co. EMA director prepares for the worst
Dougherty County EMA tracking weather in the Albany area. (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - With the line of storms making its way through Southwest Georgia, leaders are taking precautions here in Dougherty County.

EMA Specialist Jenna Chang said with the recent storms that have come through the state, she and her team are preparing for whatever the weather brings.

Dougherty County has been through October’s Hurricane Michael and the January 2017 tornadoes. Chang said those disasters taught her better ways to staff for severe weather.

EMA Specialist Jenna Chang
EMA Specialist Jenna Chang (Source: WALB)

“When we staffed for Hurricane Irma, three years ago, we had a room for a people twelve hours ahead of the storm arrival. This meant by the time the storm had come through and we were responding, people were exhausted. We have just a few staff members to answer questions and begin the coordination. Since we don’t know what kind of impacts we would be seeing in our county,” Chang said.

Chang said they will work 12 to 24-hour shifts to monitor the storm as it moves through Southwest Georgia.

If the storm gets worse, she will call in for backup from Albany Utilities, Albany fire, and police departments to work remotely for storm coverage.

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