GA Nat. Guard: ‘The more you prep, the faster the state can recover’

Published: Jan. 11, 2020 at 4:45 PM EST
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - The more you are prepared for a natural disaster, the faster the state and all its people can recover.

That's advice from the Georgia National Guard.

They've been monitoring potential threats in our area.

They want you to do your part as well.

In the face of severe weather, the Georgia National Guard says they are ready.

“We do everything that we can to support the state,” said Lt. Col. Pervis Brown, the Officer in Charge of the Georgia DOD Joint Operation Center.

Lt. Colonel Pervis Brown is the Officer in Charge of the GA DOD Operation Center.
Lt. Colonel Pervis Brown is the Officer in Charge of the GA DOD Operation Center.(WALB)

He said it starts with their relationship with the Emergency Management Agency.

“Part of that is to make sure that when the emergency happens, we all know what we are prepared to do,” he said.

They do it by assessing the damage.

“Trees that may fall into the roads so we have units with chainsaws,” he explained.

And relying on GEMA.

“We train and work with them quite often throughout the year for both whether responses like these its for floods or hurricanes,” he said.

He said just like they get ready ahead of storms you should be doing the same.

“We are always ready to respond based on the needs of the state. If the citizens aren’t prepared it then becomes added emergency for the state when they are trying to do all the other things to get the state back up and running,” said Brown.

He recommends gathering the essentials, and staying informed, and making a plan.

But know, they are here to help.

“We don’t want the citizens of Georgia to suffer any longer they have to so whenever GEMA calls the goal is to be ready to respond at the moment of that call,” he said.

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