'We are trained to do these types of events,’ explains GA National Guard after Iranian attacks

Published: Jan. 10, 2020 at 12:49 AM EST
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - At the time of an attack, there’s one group on standby to serve and protect not only our country but our state.

The Georgia National Guard who said the call was like any other, and they were ready to respond.

It’s a rigorous 3,000 hours of training that prepares the troops in the Georgia National Guard for potential threats like the attack in Iraq.

“Getting this information was no different from receiving a phone call from our representatives of the state. ‘Hey we’ve got to go out the door to respond to somewhere and aid the citizens of Georgia,’” said First Sgt. Karon Ayers.

First Sergeant Karon Ayers.
First Sergeant Karon Ayers.(WALB)

He said the Forced Weapons of Mass Destruction Support Team would’ve mobilized in the event of a threat. The team specializes in chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear events.

“We respond with the local or federal law enforcement agencies to assess, identify and assist in any CBRN related incident in the state of Georgia,” explained Ayers.

Ayers said troops were on standby and awaiting further instruction. However, before something like this is taken on, he said it’s important to use state resources.

“It’s all about establishing relationships between agency partners and also within the National Guard,” said Ayers.

Even without the details from the attacks in Iraq, or any other threats, he said they are equipped for Georgians.

“So when something happens to this event and we are called to respond, whether it’s foreign or domestic, we are trained to do these types of events,” Ayers said.

The National Guard teams up with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the FBI, local police, fire and EMS to help out in these cases.

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