Uber looks to increase safety for drivers and riders

Uber looks to increase safety for drivers and riders
Riders can choose to use the PIN verification feature on every trip or only during night time trips, which is from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m.Uber pin (Source: Uber)

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - A popular ride share app is promising to make the service safer for you. Uber just launched verification codes.

Riders can opt in to have a 4-digit number sent to them and before the ride even begins the driver must enter the correct number. Starting this week users can sign up to verify their ride. Uber feels this ensures both the driver and rider are in the right spot at the right time. Some Uber drivers in Savannah say they like the change.

“It reassures me that I am picking up the right person and we have that connection of having a pin code,” said Rafael Rivera, an Uber driver.

“I think anything that Uber and Lyft can do to make it safer and more reliable for the passenger to know exactly which vehicle they are getting into the better,” said Jim Smith, an Uber driver for more than four years.

As the program is getting underway some riders are already using it. Clamaria Burleigh drives every day for the app and says of those who have used the new feature so far it’s slowed things down a bit.

“Like they might look through their purse or they might be texting someone so they have to hit that code before we can pull off,” explained Burleigh.

Clamaria says while time is money in this job, she wants everyone to feel safe. She thinks the option to verify your ride will help provide security.

Uber users will have to enable the feature through their settings tab. You can verify your ride all the time or just at night.

Some who use the ride share app say they plan to take advantage of the new security measure and feel it establishes trust for the app that has seen issues in the past.

“It’s probably a good measure to be like hey this is mine and I know this is the right one I am getting into,” explained Kristy Valdez.

“We continue to be using it especially now that they are thinking about how to secure it you know,” said Alex Heiston.

“I think we will be using it more.”

With the pin verification on you will still be able to see your drivers name, car and license, it’s just an added layer of protection.

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