Fatal crashes in Ga. lowest since 2015

Fatal crashes in Ga. lowest since 2015
Georgia State Patrol (Source: WALB)

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - 2019′s total number of fatal crashes in Georgia, while the lowest since 2015, is still too high if you ask the men and women in law enforcement who patrol the state’s roads and highways.

"You have got to give the attention that is necessary for that task, because as you see with all the crashes and all the bad crashes that we investigate...it's from being inattentive the majority of the time,” Georgia State Patrol SFC. Chris Nease said.

Nease also pointed out other factors often come into play, too. It's not only law enforcement agencies that see the aftermath of the thousands of fatal crashes state-wide, it's also the companies that come to clean them up.

"Having to recover the vehicle and seeing when that family comes in to claim the vehicle, the belongings...just having to deal with that tragedy is something that they shouldn't have to deal with,” Chad Yarbrough, with Tim’s Towing and Recovery, said.

Even while on scene working to recover the wreckage, tow truck operators themselves can be at risk. Yarbrough says on average, six operators are killed nation-wide a month.

"While out on scenes, they encounter a lot of secondary crashes from people not paying attention to Slow Down, Move Over laws; striking tow truck drivers on the side of the road, or near misses,” Yarbrough said.

Because of that, Yarbrough also urges for your safety and those he works with to slow down, move over and pay attention while behind the wheel.

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