How to make New Year fitness resolutions stick

Published: Jan. 2, 2020 at 10:31 AM EST
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - With 2020 here, many people are already taking on new goals, challenges and beginnings.

Heading to the gym is something many people said they want to do in the new year.

Squatting at 315 pounds, Eldred Byrd said while most won’t start here, taking on fitness for a New Year’s resolution begins with showing up.

“You have to remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day,” Byrd said.

Eldred Byrd is a trainer at Tony's gym.
Eldred Byrd is a trainer at Tony's gym.(WALB)

Mercedes Beler is a trainer at Tony’s Gym.

She said they had a few sign-ups on New Year’s Day.

“I think we are going to anticipate most of them coming in on Monday,” said Beler.

She wants them to know that setting fitness goals is about having a balance.

“It’s about your work here in the gym but also how you provide your body with nutrients outside of the gym,” Beler said.

Mercedes Beler is a Personal Trainer at Tony's Gym in Albany.
Mercedes Beler is a Personal Trainer at Tony's Gym in Albany.(WALB)

"Along with training and eating, you have to have time to rest because during the resting period is when the muscle actually grows,” said Byrd.

Both fitness gurus said you shouldn’t get caught up in calling it a resolution.

“Because if you make it a New Year’s resolution you may feel as if you have to do it in the first two months and then you may fall out of that habit towards the end of the year,” said Beler.

Byrd said your health is where consistency counts.

“We have a saying called ‘DDC,’ which is determination, dedication and concentration,” said Byrd.

Both Byrd and Beler said making goals realistic is the best way to make them stick.

“Make it achievable step by step, you know ‘I want to go to the gym more,’ instead of ‘I want to work out five days a week,’” she said.

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