Lee County’s superfan receives 12th man award

Trip Block talks about his time on the sideline with the Trojans

Lee County’s superfan receives 12th man award
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) -For as long as anyone can remember, Trip Block has been on the sidelines cheering for the Lee County Trojans.

Through the good times and the bad, Trip has always been there for the Trojans.

And now, he’s been recognized for it.

Every Friday night, these seats are filled with Lee County faithful.

It’s something that’s expected at every home football game.

And down on the sideline, every Trojan fan knows, Trip Block is expected to be there on the 17-yard line.

“To see people, interact with me. To be home, this is like home to me," said Trip Block.

For Trip, things aren’t easy.

After suffering from a birth defect, Trip has spent his entire life in a wheelchair.

But he’s shows no signs of ever letting that slow him down.

For every touchdown, every win, lose, and even state championship.

Trip has been a beacon of hope and Trojan pride.

So much so, that Lee County even made him a part of the team and gave him a state championship ring.

“He’s someone who motivates us,"said Dean Fabrizio Lee County head football coach. "To see someone like him, get out and do all the things that he does. It’s humbling. It’s something that serves as a motivating force for this team. And not only this team, but this whole school and this community.”

Throughout the years, Trip has motivated countless players since his arrival to Lee County in 2007.

Since then, players can always recall a time when they relied on Trip to keep the Trojan spirit.

“He would tell us. Like, if you didn’t play your heart out, he would let you know," said Otis Reese UGA defensive Back. "Trip is a guy that was always being honest to me and stuff like that. He just supports the whole school. Like one to ten, he just supports everything.”

But the Trojans aren’t the only ones who believed he deserved even more recognition at the end of this season.

ITG Next presented him with the 12th Man award.

Something many Trojans believes was more than well deserving.

“Just like, me coming off the field and see him. Just after a big play, or even when the defense got a good stop," said Jammie Robinson South Carolina Defensive Back. "You know, just seeing him on the sideline celebrating, and congratulating us, that means a lot. We appreciate Trip for everything he’s done for us and all the support that he’s given us.”

Now with another season in the books.

Trip will show his support around the other sports.

But a little piece of him can’t wait till next football season.

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