Thomas University eliminates jobs, golf teams to restructure programs

Thomas University eliminates jobs, golf teams to restructure programs
Thomas University (Source: WCTV)

THOMASVILLE, Ga. (WCTV) - On Monday morning, Thomas University (TU) announced a reorganization of programs is causing the elimination of about a dozen full-time positions.

The university has also decided to cut the men's and women's golf teams.

They say the shake-up at the private, non-profit university is in response to budgetary issues.

“It’s a little jarring, but TU is fine, it’s going to be fine, and our students will be the beneficiaries of it,” said Dr. Andy Sheppard, TU president.

He says they're restructuring the nursing, humanity and athletics programs.

They’re targeted for a variety of reasons, such as low enrollment, high expenses and more online classes.

The result is the loss of 13 full-time positions, from faculty to administration roles.

“Programming isn’t a spaghetti-against-the-wall kind of thing. You don’t eliminate faculty positions and administrator positions and change them around lightly,” said Sheppard.

He says the change is part of TU’s five-year comprehensive plan and an important step in its fourth year.

The university has offered severance packages and is honoring all athletic scholarships moving forward.

Some positions being eliminated are happening now, while others have until the end of Spring 2020.

The men's golf team recently took home a national championship in October. Both men's and women's teams will finish their last season this spring

TU says all decisions were a matter of finance and not performance.

“Colleges and Universities periodically evaluate programs to ensure that they will be successful in a competitive market and that they provide optimal educational experiences,” said Sheppard. “After careful consideration, Thomas University took steps to reprioritize resources in order to capitalize in areas where student demand is strong. In some cases, this reprioritization has led to some changes in staffing. Such changes are, however, necessary for ensuring both the vitality and ongoing success of TU and its graduates.”

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