SEC Championship Week with South Georgia Ties

UGA and LSU stacked with players from South Georgia

South Georgia Players in SEC Title Game

LEESBURG, Ga. (WALB) - The SEC Championship game is just 3 days away.

And South Georgia has a few of their very own taking the field this Saturday.

Including Lee County’s very own Tory Carter.

As LSU's Head Coach, Ed Orgeron puts it, "Death Valley is where their opponents dreams come to die."

But, for the Carter family it's where their dreams came true.

“I’m just really proud with all that he’s gone through to be where he’s at right now,” said Robin.

Robin Carter-Allegood's son, Tory, is a junior Fullback at LSU.

And maybe his best play came against Texas A&M in the fifth overtime.

"When Tory made that touchdown it was like, “Oh my gosh he’s doing it, he’s doing it,” said Robin.

Tory, a former Lee County Trojan has been making the big plays for years.

“The thing that stands out most, what everybody still talks about is the physicality that he played with. There’s not many kids that play with that physicality and hit people like he hits them,” said Lee County Head Coach Dean Fabrizio.

Which is the exact thing Coach Fabrizio said caught Coach O’s eye.

“In his best voice he was like, “That boy’s a player right there, we gotta have him at LSU,”” said Fabrizio.

LSU is on track to repeat their 2011 season.

The same year Robin's father passed away.

It’s a moment that hits close to home as the Tigers get set to take the field against Georgia in the SEC Title Game.

"Here's my son the one playing on the team. So, it was just like "wow." It's just all kinds of emotions. So, I'm really excited and dad's got the best seat in the house, cheering him on. I just wish he was here to watch Tory."

And with the game just around the corner.... Robin already has her mind made up.

“I just really truly feel deep down in my heart that we are going to win this. And I think we are going to win the whole Brady Bunch, I mean I really do," said Robin.

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