Rodent infestation behind food sale ban at South Albany Dollar General

Rodent infestation closes South Albany Dollar General

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - A South Albany Dollar General’s food sales were halted because of a rodent infestation, according to the Georgia Department of Agriculture.

An embargo on food sales was put on Dollar General, 1824 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.

An investigation found a “severe widespread rodent infestation was indicated by rodent droppings, food damage and chewed paper," the inspection report stated.

The investigation into a complaint about the store was done on Nov. 27.

Read the full inspection report below:

WALB previously spoke with store management but they declined to comment.

But shoppers had some opinions.

People in South Albany stop at the Dollar General on their lunch breaks. They get out of their cars, walk to the front door, then are stopped by the glaring, orange “closed sign.”

“People in this area need Dollar General because there ain’t anything else in this area," Johnny Thomas, an Albany resident, said. “That’s the only one.”

But until the store can get rid of a certain pest problem, the closed signs will stay up.

“Don’t nobody want to close down a store just for a mouse problem. Anybody can do that, but why do that when you can just kill the mouse problem and get rid of the mouses,” Thomas said.

Albnay resident, Johnny Thomas.
Albnay resident, Johnny Thomas. (Source: WALB)

Thomas isn’t convinced a rodent problem will keep people from shopping there.

“It’s the only store in the neighborhood to help the peoples," he said. "Otherwise, they got to walk across Oakridge. Come on now.”

Rather than just being one store that closes down for a few days or weeks, the bigger problem is that a whole community is suffering.

Thomas says there isn’t anywhere else to go, rodents or not.

“People live around here. Ain’t nobody got no stores around here. Especially ones selling as much stuff as they sell,” Thomas said.

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