There’s more than one way to cook a turkey

There’s more than one way to cook a turkey

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Your traditional way of cooking a turkey could have some competition this year.

Several hardware stores are reporting customers buying trashcans to cook their turkeys.

Move over ovens and deep fryers because trashcans are taking on turkeys this Thanksgiving.

“We see stuff we want to try and that’s what we’re seeing here today,” said Kyle Lentz, the fire safety educator with the Lee County Fire Department. “This is like a homemade Dutch oven.”

Kyle Lentz
Kyle Lentz

Lentz said this time of year, they see an increase in cooking fires but they’ve never been called about this.

WALB News 10 spoke to an owner of a hardware store who said he knows of customers who have bought his trashcans for cooking their holiday bird.

“They say that they get great results out of them,” said Hughes Hardware owner Fussell Hughes.

“Although it’s pretty neat, there are some dangers,” said Lentz.

Lentz points out the possible loose charcoal and the burn marks around the bin.

“This tin foil is what concerns me. It’s conducting heat and this dead grass,” said Lentz.

Fussell said the galvanized can is a hazard.

“It creates a fume that could be harmful if you breathe it in," said Fussell.

Fussell recommends buying a stainless steel trash can instead.

Though there's no chance of grease fires or burning your bird, Lentz said it's best to take the safe way out.

“If you’re going to do this, I would recommend it be in a burn pit,” said Lentz.

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