Juicy Crab coming to Albany

Juicy Crab coming to Albany

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - A new seafood restaurant will soon cast its net on Albany.

Juicy Crab is coming soon to Albany, according to a listing on the restaurant’s website.

It will be at 2524 Archwood Dr., in the former location of Golden Corral, which moved down the street into the old Ryan’s.

Commissioner BJ Fletcher spoke on the economic impact the franchise will have for the city.

“Anytime you open up a business you have your job creation and then you got people that would normally stay home say, oh look there is a new place to eat in Albany let’s go to it,” Fletcher told WALB News 10.

Fletcher serves at the Ward 3 District and says the Good Life City welcomes any potential investors that can bring revenue to the city.

She adds that the business name is well-known and other cities in Georgia and will find great success here too.

“A lot of people know them and wow, I’m excited because it is the first one here like that. It’s something new. I’ve always said that food in this community is entertainment,” Fletcher said.

With the number of jobs the restaurant will bring, Fletcher feels it will be a huge success.

“I think it is going to do good if they put out a good product. Let me tell you about this community, they will support you. They are going to hit you at first and you are going to be like wow, it’s going to be overwhelming,” Fletcher said.

Juicy Crab opened its first corporate restaurant in Duluth in 2015.

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