The Salvation Army aims to protect homeless

The Salvation Army aims to protect homeless

After that recent death, shelter leaders are urging those in need to make this their safe haven.

They said it could prevent you from becoming the next victim.

“That could’ve been me, that could’ve been my sister, or my mom,” said Ora Phillips, concerned resident.

The death of 61-year-old Teresa Cole, has many people frightened for every woman living on the streets.

“We need somebody to get these people together to try to get a place,” said Phillips.

Phillips is startled over how Cole died. Police said she was homeless and attacked outside of the Albany Bus Station.

A tragedy that leaders at the Salvation Army wished could’ve been prevented.

“A very sad tragedy! Shocking! It’s not anything that any of us would expect to happen,” said Amy Bearman, Social Services Manager at the Salvation Army.

Bearman, said their organization is there to keep people safe.

“It’s vital for their safety and their overall well-being that they’re aware of the services that we provide here,” said Bearman.

They have 30 beds for men and 22 beds for women and children.

They said the emergency shelter is much more than that.

“The main focus is going to be housing. However, if they have any other needs like employment or healthcare, we address those needs as well,” said Bearman.

People can stay for 30 days or longer if they seek caseload services.

But Phillips is not too happy with the times, as people must be checked in by 8:30 each night.

“They should extend it to at least 9, 9:30, where it can give people time to get here because some folks have to walk,” said Phillips.

Leaders said they close the doors at that time for safety reasons, but they want to help all.

“They don’t have to live in their car or they don’t have to live in the street. It’s not necessary for anyone to live that way,” said Bearman.

But Phillips hopes something more can be done.

“I pray something can be done, because this is not fair. This lady lost her life,” Phillips added.

Salvation Army leaders said if you see someone who is homeless on the street, they’re telling you to push them to get to the emergency shelter quickly.

We’re told check-in begins at 7:30 p.m. each night and they have to be checked out by 6:30 a.m. each morning.

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