Over 2 dozen arrested in Operation ‘Clean Sweep’

Over 2 dozen arrested in Operation ‘Clean Sweep’
The operation started before 6:00 (Source: D. A. Dick Perryman)

ADEL, Ga. (WALB) - Before sunrise Thursday morning, a joint law enforcement operation named ‘Operation Clean Sweep’ was executed in Cook County, according to Alapaha Circuit District Attorney Dick Perryman.

26 people were arrested on various charges ranging from probation violation to gang activity.

26 arrests were made
26 arrests were made (Source: D. A. Dick Perryman)

Members of multiple criminal street gangs were arrested, including Bloods, Gangster Disciples, Ghostface Gangsters and the Aryan Nation. There were several charges taken against individuals including illegal narcotics possession, multiple probation violations and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Multiple agencies participated in the operation
Multiple agencies participated in the operation (Source: D. A. Dick Perryman)

Operation Clean Sweep teamed over 100 law enforcement officers, including personnel from the Cook County Sheriff’s Office, Adel Police Department, FBI Gang Task Force, Department of Community Supervision, Department of Corrections, Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Georgia State Patrol, Department of Natural Resources, U.S. Marshall Service, Sparks Police Department, Cecil Police Department, and District Attorney Dick Perryman’s Office.

“This joint operation in Cook County shows that we are serious about the safety of our citizens and the welfare of our community,” said District Attorney Dick Perryman.

The operation was a success
The operation was a success (Source: D. A. Dick Perryman)

“Governor Brian Kemp came down to Cook County in May specifically to address the issue of criminal street gangs and his support was one of the driving forces behind this operation. Over 100 law enforcement personnel started today very early with the sole purpose of improving the lives of the people of Cook County and South Georgia.”

"We will not let criminal street gangs freely roam our streets. I must thank Cook County Sheriff Doug Hanks’ Office and the Adel Police Department for all their efforts in making this operation a success. I am also sincerely grateful to the individuals of all the local, state and federal agencies that worked in this operation with us,” Perryman said.

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