Eight men indicted for 2016 drive-by shooting

Eight men indicted for 2016 drive-by shooting

It took an Albany man’s life and another man was shot at, in the Central part of the City.

Prosecutors said this violent shooting was between two rival gangs.

We’re told two cars were involved and shots were fired from both.

They said the men got together and planned to shoot the other gang members.

Investigators said Curtis Davis was killed and Dehaven Harris was shot at during this incident.

It happened on the 600 block of West Tift Avenue and West Society Avenue.

Prosecutors said the following men are all charged with the crime:

  • Berrick Redding
  • Treshawn Palmer
  • Brian Massey II
  • Hudie Johnson
  • Timothy Clemmons
  • Reginald Holsey Jr.
  • Alonzo Jones
  • Montrevious Parks

Their charges include two counts of conspiracy to commit aggravated assault, two counts of aggravated assault, and felony murder.

Attorneys said the men patrolled the area and found the victims just walking, with no connection to them.

District Attorney Greg Edwards said it doesn’t matter who pulled the trigger.

All the men are charged because they were there when it happened.

“All of the person involved were parties to the crime and as a general proposition and what is the law, it doesn’t matter whose the triggermen if all of these parties were involved. And they were as alleged,” said Gregory W. Edwards, District Attorney, Dougherty Judicial Circuit.

Edwards said multiple guns were used. He also said some of the eight, were released out on bond from the original warrants after this shooting.

But prosecutors said all of the men will have to be arraigned for these charges.

At that time, they will have the opportunity to enter pleas of guilty or not guilty, then it could move to trial.

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