‘I knew then I would never see him again’: Tifton mom asks for help to find son’s remains in South Korea

Tifton Mom asking for help to find son who is in South Korea.

TIFTON, Ga. (WALB) - A South Georgia mother is asking for your help.

Liz Carson Keith said her son went missing three weeks ago overseas in South Korea.

Missing Tifton Native Race Reed.
Missing Tifton Native Race Reed. (Source: WALB)

Keith is a mother of three children and a native of Tifton. She said when she received the terrible news of her son, Race Reed, disappearing during a surfing accident on October 13, she couldn’t stop crying.

“I could not stop, because I knew then I would never see him again,” said Keith.

Liz Carsoon Keith is the mother of Race Reed. She talks with us about her serach and how she wants people to help.
Liz Carsoon Keith is the mother of Race Reed. She talks with us about her serach and how she wants people to help. (Source: WALB)

Keith said Reed had been living overseas for the past 10 years and was the type of person who could draw people in. He moved to South Korea as a teacher to make a difference.

“You can make an impact with people more directly if you do something like mentoring young people. And I want to do something of that order,” Keith told WALB News 10 about why Reed wanted to make a difference.

Keith said sometime before the accident she did some research on a storm that was approaching Yangyang Beach where Reed and his friends were. She told him she wasn’t comfortable with the idea.

“All it is going to do for us is we are going to have great surf for surfing. And I still had a bad feeling. I mean I really had a bad feeling,” Keith recalled.

Race Reed surfing
Race Reed surfing (Source: WALB)

Keith teared up and reflected on the last time she sent Reed a message.

“The last text I sent to him was ‘how’s surfing?’ And it was just a few hours later, I got a call from my son Michael and he said, ‘Mom, sit down,’ and I did. I knew it was going to be bad when he said that,” explained Keith.

Keith said that at that moment when her son Michael called and told her that Reed went missing, she lost control of her emotions.

“I just started screaming and I screamed until my sister, who lives 30 minutes away, got there,” said Keith.

Keith created a GoFundMe to raise money to hire her own divers and purchase an ROV Robotic Camera to search for her son’s remains at Yangyang Beach where Reed went missing.

“We just need to get him out. And we need to get him out now,” Keith said.

Keith said there is no greater pain for a parent than to not know where your child is and she just wants her son’s body to be brought home to America.

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