Georgia Southwestern’s Men’s Golf making history

GSW ranked no. 1 in the Peach Belt Conference

Georgia Southwestern’s Men’s Golf making history
Georgia Southwestern Men's Golf ranked No. 1 in the Peach Belt Conference (Source: walb)

AMERICUS, Ga. (WALB) - Georgia Southwestern's Men's Golf is making history.

For the first time ever, they're ranked number one in the Peach Belt Conference.

“I think it’s pretty good, because you get a receipt that you put in the work and it’s actually working," said senior Vincent Norrman.

Norrman is also making history.

He recently captured his second consecutive PBC Golfer of the Week honor this season.

After securing his fourth individual win, he now holds a GSW’s record for the most wins.

“Especially as a senior, it’s kind of nice to know that I have the game to go beyond college and play professional," said Norrman.

Junior Chase McLain said the team’s success stems from each player continually improving their game.

“I just think getting around guys that really push me, as a player, to do better is all it’s been," said McLain.

“It’s kind of nice to win three, help the team out at every event. So, I think I influence the other guys. So if I play good, Chase and the other guys can build off that and kind of get motivated," said Norrman.

With just a few tournaments left in the season, the Canes are hoping to hold on to their number one ranking and continue to excel.

“You can’t get better than number one, I guess. There are just so many good teams though and we haven’t played them too much. So, I think it’s keep going, still reach that number one spot at the end of the year," said Norrman.

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