Candidates in District 152 race gear up for runoff

Candidates for District 152 race gearing up for runoff

WORTH/LEE COUNTY, Ga. (WALB) - Two powerhouses from Lee and Worth counties will face off for the House of Representatives District 152 seat.

Tuesday night’s election determined that Bill Yearta and Jim Quinn will head to a runoff next month.

They both said they anticipated a runoff before voting even began.

So what are they doing to ensure voter turnout in their favor?

“I’m going to be working the next four weeks, trying to get as many people to come back as I can. I’m gonna knock on twice as many doors and make twice as many phone calls. People are going to get tired of me again,” said Quinn.

“We’re gonna work real hard to get our message out. It’s another great opportunity to get with the hard-working folks from Lee, Worth and Sumter counties,” said Yearta.

Both Quinn and Yearta are hoping to claim the House of Representatives 152 seat that was vacated by Ed Ryders back in September.

But what exactly is the purpose of this seat? Former Lieutenant Governor Mark Taylor broke down the responsibilities of a House seat.

He said that it needs to be a person who will go to Atlanta and be well respected by many people, including state leaders.

“Effective when they request items or budget items, money in the budget or a piece of legislation or access to a program that can actually help people in the area. If they’re not asking for our share of tax dollars to come back to us, then we’re not being treated fairly,” said Taylor.

There are 180 districts in Georgia and the majority are Republican.

There is only one vacancy and it’s down to Yearta or Quinn to fill the seat.

Taylor said a district representative has a lot of power at the state level.

"Not to say that a mayor or city councilman, a county commissioner, county chairman not very influential but state representative, state senator is a more influential and more powerful position,” said Taylor.

The District 152 runoff is scheduled for Dec. 3.

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