Unofficial results could mean runoffs in Albany City Commission races

Unofficial results could mean runoffs in Albany City Commission races
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - The unofficial results are in for the Albany City Commission races.

Mayor Dorothy Hubbard, also the incumbent, and challenger Bo Dorough are in the lead for the mayor’s seat. Hubbard garnered 3,501 votes or 30.2 percent. Dorough received 3,206 votes or 27.7 percent.

In the Ward 4 race, Challenger Chad Warbington claimed 50.2 percent of the vote over Incumbent Roger Marietta. Warbington got 1,474 votes and Marietta garnered 1,454 votes.

For Ward 6, John Hawthrone and Demetrius Young each got around 40 percent of the vote. Hawthorne received 692 votes and Young got 705 votes.

Election officials said Tuesday there could be runoffs for all three races.

Election officials also said the results will be finalized on Friday.

From a polling precinct:

The manager at Precinct 5, which is Westover High School, told WALB Tuesday that the turnout at the precinct has been huge because of the Albany City Commission race.

Precinct leaders said they’ve had great success at the polls this year.

As of 4 p.m., Precinct 5 had close to 650 voters and 800 voters are expected by the time the polls close.

The only problem Precinct 5 has had is voters not being able to fully understand what’s on the ballot. Leaders said it’s because the precinct is in a split ward, and it was hard for them to understand why a certain ward was on their ballot based on their home address.

Unofficial results on Sunday alcohol sales:

For the Sunday Albany alcohol sales ballot, there were 6,862 votes in favor of the ballot. There were 4,404 votes against.

Most Dougherty County voters were in favor of Sunday alcohol sales in the county. Over 7,000 voted in favor with 4,798 votes against. Twenty-four precincts reported of the total 28 precincts.

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