Albany State University investigates complaints of hazing on campus

ASU investigators complaints of hazing on campus

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Albany State University (ASU) leaders confirm an investigation is underway after people complained about hazing happening in parts of their band on campus.

WALB News 10 has received complaints from students claiming to be a part of the flag components of Albany State University’s band. We asked Albany State officials and school leaders about those reports.

They said the Office of School Conduct is investigating if the complaints are true. They’re unable to determine what exactly those complaints are.

University leaders said it’s imperative that they maintain a safe and secure environment for all students.

They said any complaints that involve hazing allegations is a direct violation of the student code of conduct.

They sent a statement about how they address concerns like these.

“It is imperative that Albany State University maintain a safe and secure environment for our students. Any complaint that involves hazing allegations is in direct violation of our student code of conduct and is under investigation. We have zero tolerance for hazing and any behavior that does not hold true to the ASU standard. We urge the campus community to reaffirm their awareness and understanding of university policies as we strive to make ASU the best place to learn, live and work. We regularly provide workshops and information to students to educate them on the definition of hazing and what it looks like. Students are encouraged to report any suspicious activity, so the issue can be quickly and thoroughly reviewed. Doing so ensures students have the freedom to focus on academic achievement, personal growth and professional development."

Albany State University.

Leaders said they will be able to release more information after the investigation wraps up.

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