Play of the Week: Thomasville

Thomasville’s K.D. Johnson scoops and scores to help the Bulldogs in 67-23 victory over Berrien

Play of the Week: Thomasville
Play of the week is Thomasville (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - You guys know how this works.

You vote, and we count them up.

And this weeks polls had a clear winner from the beginning.

So here’s our week 10, play of the week.

This weeks winner comes from Thomasville.

In their game against Berrien, the quarterback tried to find his receiver, but couldn’t connect.

And that lead to a fumble recovery by K.D. Johnson.

He took it all the way in for a scoop and score.

The Bulldogs went on to win 67-23.

Tune in every Tuesday to see who takes home the Play of the Week.

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