South Georgia welcomes new grocery food truck

Updated: Oct. 25, 2019 at 10:49 PM EDT

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - With the rate of poverty and food desserts developing across the city of Albany, one organization is taking a stance.

Tommy and Tiffany Terrell are executive directors of the new mobile grocery food truck, ‘A Better Way Grocers’, fighting poverty one neighborhood at a time.

“Forty-five minutes to an hour walk. It is only five minutes to drive, but most people in our area don’t have transportation that is needed to go to the grocery store,” Executive Director Tommy Terrell said.

Tommy Terrell and his wife, Tiffany are owners of a non-profit organization named Hero’s. They said one day they just decided enough was enough and wanted to help fight hunger.

Tommy Terrell Executive Director of H.E.R.O.S & A Better Way Grocers(WALB)

“So what we did is basically purchase us a truck, bought some freezers, some coolers, and the product along with it to make sure we do our part as far as helping our area with the food desert,” Terrell said.

Tommy said it came as a no-brainer to make sure families in the city of Albany were fed. He also told us the people that are affected the most during a food desert in the city are

  • Children 0-18 years of age
  • Grandparents raising grandchildren
  • Disabled adults and children
  • Single mothers

“A Better Way Grocers, what it does is allow kids to have fresh fruit and vegetables and that does take them away from the canned vegetables because of the high sodium inside of it,” Terrell told WALB News 10.

Tommy said this is the first grocery truck in the city and they have a lot of options for people to come out and enjoy.

Food in the back of Mobile Grocery Pantry(WALB)

“We have the turnips, we have the collards, we have potatoes, we have cucumbers along with apples,” Terrell told us.

Payments can be made with EBT, debit, credit, and cash. Terrell said feeding the community with food is just one task but they also teach them life lessons.

“We enrich kids with coping skills, life skills, and we also help with education also. Throughout our program we teach them about financial literacy and how to be future business owners,” Terrell said.

Both owners said right now finding a place to park to provide services is the only issue but they know the process is well worth the effort.

“We definitely understand that it takes a village to raise children and we understand that it takes a village to support other families also,” Terrell said.

Fresh Fruit for Mobile Grocery Store(WALB)

The mobile grocery store is open for business and are looking for partners to extend their reach throughout the community.

Request are offered as well for services if anyone is unavailable to meet at preferred location.

If you are a business owner and would like to help fight poverty in Albany, you can call ‘A Better Way Grocers’ at (229) 343-0445.

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