Lanier County Bulldogs elite eight bound for GHSA softball playoffs

The Bulldogs now have back-to-back Elite Eight appearances

Lanier County Bulldogs elite eight bound for GHSA softball playoffs
Lanier County softball (Source: walb)

LAKELAND, Ga. (WALB) - The Lanier County Bulldogs, are Columbus bound for the GHSA softball playoffs!

A 21-win season and a region title victory has the Bulldogs back in the Elite Eight.

Head Coach Robert Brunel said it’s been a tough fight to get this back-to-back Elite Eight berth.

Something they're no stranger too.

Last year the Bulldogs reached the final four.

And the team that knocked them out is who they’ll face, Thursday.

Brunel told us they’re more than ready for the rematch.

“This group, is a group of fighters. We’ve been in some games where we’ve been behind two or three runs and then came all the way back to win it, we’ve been in tight ball games where it’s been one run, two run situation and we’ve been able to hold on," said Brunel. "So, this group has a lot of resiliency and I expect to see that from them. But from talking to them and seeing how practice has gone these past few days they’re ready to play. I think the intensity level is good, the focus level is good and they understand what’s at stake and I think they’re ready for the challenge. I talked to a few of them and I joke with them, but it’s true, we were built for this, we were built to be doing what we’re doing what right.”

Their first game is Thursday at noon on field six.

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