‘On top of feeling violated, my trust is shaken’: Albany residents respond to commissioner candidate’s stolen signs

Published: Oct. 22, 2019 at 1:46 AM EDT
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Neighbors in one Albany neighborhood said they are outraged after allegations arose that a city commissioner removed campaign signs from their yard.

This just weeks before the November election.

WALB News 10 spoke with one of the homeowners who said he’s certain Ward 4 Commissioner Roger Marietta removed his opponent’s campaign signs from his yard.

Another neighbor, who caught the crime on surveillance video, said commissioner or not, he broke the law.

For some people, the video is all the evidence they need.

“It’s petty, for lack of better words, it’s immature,” said Donald Dellinger, whose home surveillance captured his sign being stolen.

Donald Dellinger is a resident in Ward 4.
Donald Dellinger is a resident in Ward 4.

It shows someone removing campaign signs from two homes on Forest Glenn Drive.

One of the homeowners reported to police that he believes the suspect taking his Chad Warbington campaign sign out of his yard is Marietta.

“I have no doubt in my mind that it was Roger,” said Willie Dowdell, who said he watched it unfold from the window of his home Saturday.

“I was shocked initially, and after I recognized who he was, I felt disappointed,” said Dowdell.

That’s when he told his neighbor Donald Dellinger to check his home surveillance.

“In Ward 4, people don’t like thieves, we had a rash of them and we just don’t like them,” said Dellinger.

WALB News 10 called Commissioner Marietta to ask about the allegations, but we have yet to hear back from him.

The Albany Police Department is investigating this as a theft by taking case.

Dellinger said there are plenty of signs for both Ward 4 commissioner candidates on this street.

“It’s childish if you want to know the truth. This whole sign issue is petty,” said Dellinger.

Dowdell said this situation left him confused and angry.

“How can you trust the government and the administration if we have a commissioner that’s stealing,” said Dowdell.

We are told Albany police are reviewing different options in this case.

WALB News 10 sat down with Chad Warbington who is running for the Ward 4 commission seat.

Ward four commissioner Chad Warbington believes that this gunshot detection system will make...
Ward four commissioner Chad Warbington believes that this gunshot detection system will make people think twice before shooting a gun.(WALB)

Warbington said he’s been struggling with his campaign signs going missing since the start of his campaign. The candidate said 30 to 50 signs have been missing.

Warbington said when he saw the video, he was disappointed to see how it all unfolded. He said he thinks now the mystery has been solved and he hopes the investigation brings some closure for the property owners.

“I would think citizens should be outraged and I think they are outraged. To think that somebody would go onto their personal property and take something that does not belong to them and really in an effort to silence. Really trying to silence, you know? We may have different views, different opinions, you know, but to physically come and silence you, I think is just so wrong, it’s very much wrong,” said Warbington.

Warbington said his campaign is moving forward and making phone calls to restore those signs.

He also said the more quickly the investigation can be solved, the better off the city will be.

Again, WALB tried several times to reach Commissioner Roger Marietta for comment, and he has not returned any of our calls or messages at this time.

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