Crisp Co. residents, leaders urging drivers to be aware of school zones

Crisp Co. residents, leaders urging drivers to be aware of school zones

CORDELE, Ga. (WALB) - Cordele residents and Crisp County school leaders are speaking out about drivers who ignore the dangers of speeding in school zones.

Parents and teachers never knew the day would come when they would have to worry about how their kids and students get to and from home.

“We are in this society now where everybody is in a hurry to go somewhere to do nothing,” said Cordele resident Kennedy Robinson, 58.

Cordele resident Kennedy Robinson
Cordele resident Kennedy Robinson (Source: WALB)

Robinson said times have changed since he graduated from Cordele High School many years ago. He said children are having to risk their lives just simply walking to school because of dangerous drivers.

“These kids are walking to school having to take that chance. A lot of parents are now late for work taking their kids to school because they fear that,” explained Robinson.

“It is important for people to make sure they observe the school’s safety zones and speed zones because we have small children who are assuming drivers are paying attention,” said Crisp County Elementary Principal Karla Googe.

Crisp County Elementary Principal Karla Googe
Crisp County Elementary Principal Karla Googe (Source: WALB)

Robinson said drivers should take responsibility.

“This shouldn’t happen because, we as parents and adults, we need to be more responsible for our own actions. We need to start leaving, no matter what time you need to get there, you need to leave early enough to get there,” said Robinson.

Googe said she is grateful for those that protect children.

“The law enforcement being there and willing to write tickets for anybody not obeying the law. Of course, if you get caught speeding in a school zone it will be an increased fine,” Googe said.

The Crisp County Sheriff’s Office and the Cordele Police Department are asking drivers to be more cognizant when driving in school areas.

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