Only Democratic candidate hopes to claim District 152 seat

Updated: Oct. 17, 2019 at 6:32 PM EDT
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LEESBURG, Ga. (WALB) - It’s election season, and one of the biggest races is for the Georgia House District 152 seat.

It’s a special election to fill the role Ed Rynders left in September.

Voters in parts of Lee, Sumter and Worth Counties will choose from four candidates.

One of those candidates is Mary Egler.

“The main thing is infrastructure and everybody thinks roadways when you talk infrastructure but infrastructure is health, education, jobs, and law enforcement,” Egler said while discussing her main points from her campaign. "It’s everything that makes a community, a community.”

The Columbus native said she is a mother, grandmother and great grandmother.

The Columbus native says she is a mother, grandmother and great grandmother.
The Columbus native says she is a mother, grandmother and great grandmother.(Source: Mary Egler)

She has lived in Lee County since 1974.

Egler is currently working on two bachelors degrees at Albany State University — one in health and human performance and the other in political science.

She said she has never held a public office position before but believes she is qualified for the job.

“I don’t give up, I listen, I am open to compromise and I work for the people, which is the main thing,” Egler said.

Egler said she has ran for Lee County Commission once and against Ed Rynders three times.

She said Rynders told her previously that she "would not even know where the light switch is if you elected her and my comment to that was I might not know where the light switch is but I’m not beyond asking someone where to locate it or looking for it myself.”

Egler is also the only democratic candidate vying for the District 152 seat.

She is also the only woman running in the election.

“We have to try," Egler said. "We have to go for it. We have to put in the extra effort. The extra percentage. Hey, I’m an auto mechanic. I work on cars, I was told I never could do that.”

She wants voters to know that only they can make a difference.

"You got to go vote,” she said.

The election will be held on November 5.

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