Dougherty Co. police searching for burglary suspect using stolen cards to purchase items

Dougherty Co. Police searching for burglary suspect

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - The Dougherty County Police Department needs your help in finding a man they said burglarized a home and tried to go on a shopping spree using stolen debit cards.

Police said it happened earlier this month, but the suspect is still on the run.

Officers said the suspect not only took debit cards but hours later he went into three different drug stores and got hundreds of dollars.

It was caught on cameras at each of the stores.

Investigators said a man in all black walked into a CVS and two Walgreens stores to make the purchases.

They said he tried to purchase $200 Visa gift cards and a birthday card at each store.

Police said all three times, he wore the same clothes but took his hat off at one of the stores.

Detectives said prior to this, they received a call from a woman on Hibiscus Road, saying her house had been ransacked.

The woman said she was missing tons of jewelry and three cards from her purse. That’s when police said her bank notified her of the fraudulent purchases at each store.

Police said one of the clerks thought it was suspicious and didn’t allow him to make the purchase.

“The clerk felt that there was something amidst with the transaction and was able to void out the transaction before the purchase could be made,” said Sgt. David Flick, a detective for the Dougherty County Police Department.

Investigators said the suspect was successful in getting $400 in gift cards from two transactions.

They also said another man was with him at two of the stores and he’s wanted for questioning.

Right now, they need your help finding the man.

We’re told he could face identity theft and financial card fraud.

If you have any information on the suspect or about this crime, you’re asked to call the Albany Area CrimeSTOPPERS at (229) 436-TIPS

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