Albany mayor candidate: Tracy Taylor vying for mayor’s seat

Updated: Oct. 17, 2019 at 5:56 PM EDT
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - An Albany first responder is looking to take the Albany mayor seat.

Tracy Taylor said it’s his work as a firefighter that gives him first-hand experience with Albany law enforcement.

He said it’s this skill that gives him insight into solving the issue of crime in the city.

As seven people run for Albany mayor, this candidate is no stranger to a race for office.

“I’ve been involved in politics since 2010. I got my start working with Sanford Bishop in 2010. And ran for county commissioner in 2013, ran for mayor in 2015 and ran for State House of Representatives last year in 2018," Taylor said.

Taylor says isn’t giving up yet. He said there are issues in the city he feels drawn to solve.

“I feel the need to address this crime issue,” Taylor said.

Before he even thought about running for politics, being a firefighter was Taylor’s first calling.

Tracey Taylor is a first responder, as well.
Tracey Taylor is a first responder, as well.(Source: Tracy Taylor)

“I work hand in hand with the police department, so I know we are short on manpower,” Taylor said.

Taylor also has associate degrees in fire science and criminal justice.

“We’re short on resources and our first responders also need a pay increase,” said Taylor.

Taylor said there’s also no reason Albany can’t attract more manufacturing jobs like other Southwest Georgia cities.

“Tifton received the Coca-Cola Plant," Taylor said. "Valdosta received the bottling company and Bainbridge received the gun manufacturer, Taurus.”

Although Taylor hasn’t held an office yet, he said his work with the Dougherty County Republican Party adds to his qualifications for the seat.

“And I have the honor of serving as the first African American Chairman,” Taylor said.

Taylor said it’s his consistency that will make him stand out at the polls this year.

“Beating that drum, never changing the message, being direct with the people,” Taylor said.

Early voting is happening now and ends Nov. 1.

You can head to the polls on the actual election day on Nov. 5.

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