Lee Co. man charged with felony after $4k of meat stolen

Man arrested, accused of stealing oxtail from Lee Co. business

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - A Lee County man is now in jail, accused of stealing meat from Mike’s Country Store, where he worked.

Mike's Country Store had not one, but two thefts in the span of two weeks.

Owner Mike Rogers warns others to make sure they have working cameras in their stores.

He said diligently watch your customers and employees.

On a typical day at the grocery store, you load up your buggy, head to the checkout line, pay and leave. But one Mike’s Country Store visitor at the Gillionville Road location allegedly had different plans.

Owner of Mike's Country Stores, Mike Rogers.
Owner of Mike's Country Stores, Mike Rogers. (Source: WALB)

“Last Wednesday night, the guy come in at like 8:00 and grab four bags of oxtails, and walked out with them,” said Mike Rogers, the owner of Mike’s Country Stores.

$320 worth of meat...gone. But thanks to the surveillance video, the Albany Police Department has two warrants out for the accused oxtail thief, Timothy Sherrod.

“That’s not right. Uh-huh. No. You can’t just do that, at all. That’s wrong, that’s very wrong,” said Regina Farmer.

An avid Mike’s Country Store shopper, Farmer couldn’t believe it when WALB News 10 told her about the recent theft.

Regina Farmer and her mom frequently shop at Mike's Country Store.
Regina Farmer and her mom frequently shop at Mike's Country Store. (Source: WALB)

“Not only are people walking in taking, you may have some employees. You never know,” Farmer said.

And an incident report says a market manager at the Leesburg store stole $4,000 worth of meat, during his seven-month employment.

“It’s been a rough week," Rogers said.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office arrested Jason Coggins. He was charged with felony theft by taking. Owner of Mike’s Country Stores, Mike Rogers, said they believe Coggins pretended to take meat to the trash then pocketed it for himself.

“If they’re not catching them, they’re not looking. Because they’re out there. Unfortunately,” said Rogers.

Rogers also said other business owners should make sure they watch people’s body language as they walk through the store.

He said to even watch employees carefully if you have any suspicions.

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