Valdosta under new liquor, vape store ban

Valdosta under new liquor, vape store ban

VALDOSTA, Ga. (WALB) - The City of Valdosta is now under a temporary ban for the opening of liquor and vape stores.

The Valdosta City Council voted unanimously to approve a moratorium for up to six months on vape shops and liquor stores.

City leaders said the ban is temporarily in place while they work to determine the next step for businesses.

City Spokesperson, Ashlyn Becton shared that they want to remind people that this is not a ban on the consumption of alcohol or the use of vapes.

City Spokesperson, Ashlyn Johnson
City Spokesperson, Ashlyn Johnson (Source: WALB)

She said they just want to make sure they make a well-rounded ordinance that allows the businesses in the area to flourish but that also protects the community.

“Specifically for the vaping. There’s just no ordinance for that here. It’ll be a good time for us to sit down and talk about it, while the state and federal leaders are also having the same conversation just about some ordinances that we can put in place for those shops," said Becton.

Becton said that this issue, like many others, is a result of the council’s conversations with the community.

Leaders also want to remind people that this will not affect the businesses currently in place.

They shared that they welcome the current businesses and what they provide for the area.

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