Speeders in Sylvester cause father to speak out

Speeders in Sylvester causing father to speak out

SYLVESTER, Ga. (WALB) - A speedy street has some Sylvester residents concerned and city leaders are taking action.

Some people who live on Dewberry Drive said that it’s concerning and dangerous that some of their neighbors are not following the law.

The posted speed limit on Dewberry Drive is 30 mph.

“We can never relax when they’re outside,” said resident Randall Webb.

Randall Webb
Randall Webb (Source: SOURCE: WALB)

Webb is referring to his children who play outside near their home on Dewberry Drive. He said drivers speeding down the road is a concern and that it’s an accident waiting to happen.

“The speed limit’s marked at 30, coming through a lot faster than that, 35, 40 miles an hour,” said Webb.

Webb said he sees speeders “five to six times” a day.

He’s not only worried about his family but other kids who live on Dewberry Drive as well.

“I just ask anyone in this neighborhood to be cognizant and look out for our children with us,” said Webb.

Webb is a paramedic and said he and his wife, an EMT, feel like they are always on guard in their own neighborhood.

“With our profession and seeing the things that we’ve seen, your sense of these things are kinda heightened and we’re always on guard. It’s always a matter of when are we gonna need to take care of one of our own in this neighborhood,” explained Webb.

City leaders said they are looking into those concerns and a petition is the next step.

They said speed bumps are not out of the question.

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