Deliberations to soon start for a 2018 delivery driver’s death

Jury dismissed ahead of deliberations in 2018 Albany murder trial

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) -Jurors will begin deliberations in a 2018 Albany murder case Friday.

It’s for a man accused of killing Cha’valier Paul, who was delivering glass to a business in the area.

Dontavious Wingfield was originally indicted on seven counts, but the possession of less than one ounce of marijuana charge was dropped.

He now faces the following charges:

  • Malice murder
  • Felony murder
  • Aggravated assault
  • Fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer,
  • Possession of firearm during commission of a felony
  • Possession of firearm by convicted felon

Things got heated in an almost hour and a half long closing argument between attorneys. Before that, jurors were able to see the suspect get emotional during a prior interview with police.

Prosecutors believe the testimonies of Demond Wingfield, a man who pleaded guilty in this case on fewer charges, and another witness, should be believable.

Albany police’s lead investigator said Andorian Blocker was with the men before and after the killing. They say she eventually gave what the state believes was a true statement.

“She said initially she had lied, but she was going to tell the truth. She stated that Demond and Dontavious both got out of the car, they walked down the alley together. They came back, she heard gunshots. They came running back to the car and which she observed Dontavious held Demond the gun,” said Roger Jones, Former Lead APD investigator.

Prosecutors said he shot Paul outside a trailer park on Mercedes Street last July.

They said Demond, his cousin, was with him at the time.

Jurors were able to see an hour-long interview Dontavious had with police.

On the video, he was seen crying a number of times and kneeling to pray.

He claimed he didn't shoot Paul.

Previously, several witnesses, including Demond, testified they were with Dontavious before the shooting and saw him with a gun.

Defense attorneys said the testimonies from most of the witnesses were inconsistent.

They believe no one truly knows who shot the victim.

“You don’t know what the truth is...from any of them. Almost every person who was interviewed including Mr. Dontavious Wingfield told several different stories,” said Leisa Johnson, Wingfield’s attorney.

Now there were testimonies this week with witnesses saying hours before the shooting Demond gave Dontavious a gun.

Witnesses then said Dontavious was shooting the gun in a nearby yard before both men went walking in the direction of where Paul was shot.

Prosecutors said it doesn’t matter who actually pulled the trigger — both men were together when Paul died.

“It does not matter who pulled the trigger because they are equally guilty of this act,” said Gregory W. Edwards, District Attorney for Dougherty Judicial Circuit.

Prosecutors said Dontavious tried to rob Paul for $300 to $400 to pay for rent and deposit for a new place to stay.

Demond said the men had been put out of the last place and had been living in Dontavious’ car.

Edwards said it was Dontavious’ idea, it was his gun, he picked out the victim, and he tried to rob him and shot him.

Prosecutors also said the gun witnesses saw Dontavious with matched the bullets at the crime scene and they found more ammo in his car when he was arrested.

Demond has already plead guilty to aggravated assault. He will serve 10 years in prison per his plea agreement with the state.

He will also serve five years probation for ripping out a toilet while in jail.

Jurors will be back at 10 a.m. to deliberate his fate next.

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