Crisp Co. pushing forward 1 year after Hurricane Michael

Crisp Co. still struggling with the damages of Hurricane Michael

CORDELE, Ga. (WALB) - Oct. 10 was the one year anniversary of Hurricane Michael and the devastation the storm caused in Southwest Georgia.

“Well, one year ago on this day, we knew we had a hurricane coming,” said Crisp County Administrator Tom Patton.

Crisp County Administrator Tom Patton
Crisp County Administrator Tom Patton (Source: WALB)

Patton said they didn’t expect it to be a Category 2 hurricane, they had expected it to be downgraded by the time it reached the county borders.

And it was those moments before that were so crucial.

“We coordinated with our GEMA [Georgia Emergency Management Agency] and FEMA [Federal Emergency Management Agency] reps, DNR [Department of Natural Resources] and the emergency teams so that they can come in after the event to help us. So, we were doing a lot of that coordination. So, here in Crisp County, we are well prepared for anything like that,” explained Patton.

Patton explained the impact Hurricane Michael had on Crisp County.

“It was mostly wind damage, a lot of downed trees, trees on houses, wind damage from roof siding blown off. Quite a bit of damage like that," said Patton.

On Oct. 8, during the county’s annual meeting every month, they were alerted that their damages were over a half a million dollars.

“We applied for about $852,000 in damages and really that’s kind of standard, 75 percent from FEMA,” Patton told WALB News 10.

FEMA announced that they will take care of 75 percent of damages but the county is responsible for the remaining $200,000.

“Our big lesson learned is that we didn’t have enough generators back up for power because the power was out all over the county,” Patton explained.

Patton said Crisp County has already begun to rectify that issue.

“So in this past year we have been working with state agencies and our old money resource,” said Patton.

Patton said the other $100,000 dollars that will come out of the county’s pocket will come from its reserve.

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