Community fights for Tifton ‘Pink Motel’

Community fights for Tifton 'Pink Motel'

TIFTON, Ga. (WALB) - One South Georgia community said the love for a historic motel should stop developers from demolishing its rich history.

People who live in the Town Terrace Motel, or the “Pink Motel,” in Tifton said they have nowhere to go if the property gets demolished.

“I’ve lived here for six years but off and on. But I love this motel because it was built in the 1940s,” said Shirley Ann Yawn, a resident of the motel.

Shirley Ann Yawn
Shirley Ann Yawn (Source: WALB)

Tifton Economic Development Director Bruce Green said that a private developer has submitted a request to the Historical Preservation Commission to demolish the Town Terrace Motel.

Director of Economic Development Bruce Green
Director of Economic Development Bruce Green (Source: WALB)

Yawn said she and her family will be devastated if they have to leave the place they call home.

“This is making everybody upset,” said Yawn.

Yawn said she finds great joy in knowing she lives in a historic place where a movie star once did.

“Violet Van Gundy played on the ‘Little Rascals’ and ‘Our Gang,’” said Yawn.

Violet Virginia Van Gundy
Violet Virginia Van Gundy (Source: WALB)

Yawn said the motel has a lot of history and tearing it down would be a disservice to the area.

Green said he agrees.

“It was that very location, and that very motel, if you will, which, was still definitely functional back then. It was just so unusual,” said Green.

Green said the motel had its own sense of style that was way before its time.

“You know it’s a combination of its architectural style, it’s a combination of that pink color with the aqua, it’s all a part of a piece of a time period that won’t come back,” explained Green.

Images of roofing in Town Terrace Motel in Tifton
Images of roofing in Town Terrace Motel in Tifton (Source: WALB)

In the 1980s, the city of Tifton did a historic resource survey and the motel was listed to be a historical site back then and it should still be now Green told WALB News 10.

Yawn said she has nowhere else to turn if new developers get a hold of the land.

“We just have to, probably going to make me cry because I don’t want to move. We would just have to move somewhere else,” Yawn said.

Residents living in the motel said that its history should be protected for Van Gundy’s sake.

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