Moultrie community raises thousands for Tripp DeMott

Good News: Moultrie community raises thousands for Tripp DeMott

MOULTRIE, Ga. (WALB) - Support continues to pour in for 7-year-old Tripp DeMott from the Moultrie community.

DeMott was hit by a car while riding his bike almost a month ago. He has been in the hospital ever since.

“Tripp is one of our favorite friends and we wanted to do something special for him," said Halle Jane Smith, who is classmates with DeMott.

Halle Jane, who is 6-years-old, her mom and a few of her classmates live in the neighborhood with the DeMott family.

Halle Jane
Halle Jane (Source: WALB)

“Many of them play with Tripp on a regular basis and some of them were home when he was involved in the accident," said Halle Jane’s mother, Whitney Smith.

Whitney Smith
Whitney Smith (Source: WALB)

So Halle Jane and her classmates made signs and decided to put up their own lemonade stand, to raise money for Tripp and his family.

“So they could buy him a new bike and whatever else he needs," said Halle Jane.

Selling both lemonade and sweet treats, the stand brought out hundreds of people from across the region and raised more than $3,000.

“It looked really awesome and there was like a lot, a lot, a lot of people," said Halle Jane.

The stand was just one of many efforts.

All across the city, members of the community could be seen wearing their #TrippStrong t-shirts, #TrippStrong bracelets and sporting red bows on their mailboxes to show their support for Tripp and his family.

“It just warms your heart to see that people still care, even in a world where there’s hate like there is, like that you see on the news," said Rhonda Deas.

Deas works for the DeMott family business and said the family and the employees are overwhelmed with the support seen from the community.

Rhonda Deas
Rhonda Deas (Source: WALB)

“It makes you feel good to come from a small community, even though sometimes you don’t wanna come from a small community because everybody knows your business. In this case, it’s worked out to be a really good thing," said Deas.

Deas said that she’s glad to see that the DeMott family has the support they have shown others so many times. She said that Tripp is well on his way to recovery. He underwent a minor procedure Monday, but he is awake and has already started physical therapy.

In the meantime, Pizza Hut is also planning its own fundraiser for the DeMott family while they focus on his recovery.

On Thursday, store workers are planning to donate 20 percent of their profits and a portion of their tips to the family.

“We saw the outpouring of support for Tripp and his family, so we wanted to do our part and one way we could do it is the fundraiser. So that’s what we did and that’s what we’re going to do on Thursday," said Alan Griffin, the Pizza Hut assistant manager.

The group will also have an open donation box in the same Moultrie location, near the corner of 19th Street and Doc Darbyshire Road.

Pre-ordering for Thursday has already begun.

Pizza Hut workers share that many of their locations across the region are participating.

All you have to do is order using promo code 1085.

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