SOWEGA counties among top cotton producers

SWGA counties among top cotton producers

MITCHELL CO., Ga. (WALB) - The numbers for 2018's cotton production are in.

Several counties in Southwest Georgia were listed as top producers of cotton.

Despite Hurricane Michael’s damage to thousands of acres, cotton is still number one in the state.

This year’s harvest will make a big difference in the state’s economy, and your wallet.

The battle hasn’t stopped for farmers since Hurricane Michael.

Dry weather conditions, lack of government funding, and the cost of cotton dropping are just some of the problems they’ve faced this year; yet and still, cotton continues to thrive.

It’s the snow of the south.

“There’s your cotton,” said farmer Miley Adams while popping a bulb in his field.

Miley Adams is a farmer in Mitchell County.
Miley Adams is a farmer in Mitchell County. (Source: WALB)

Growing in 96 counties, cotton reigns King of Georgia agriculture.

“And here is a new bulb just opening up,” explained Adams.

Adams is a farmer in Mitchell County.

It’s one of the state’s top cotton-producing counties.

“This is a great area to grow crops,” said Adams.

His more than 400 acres of irrigated crops stand strong Monday.

After he couldn’t gather one-acre last year from Hurricane Michael’s devastation.

The Director for the Georgia Cotton Commission, Taylor Sills, said nearly one million bales of cotton across the state were lost.

“We had about 80 thousand acres of cotton that were not harvested. A vast majority of the acres that were harvested were affected significantly by the hurricane,” Sills explained.

Sills said its a dramatic difference from what the state could’ve produced.

“We were on pace of having the 2nd or 3rd best cotton crop Georgia had ever had before the hurricane,” said Sills.

Almost a year later, problems for farmers don’t seem to be winding down.

“We are in an extremely low market situation, we have places that didn’t get rain for months upon months,” said Sills.

“At some point in time when this tariff gets settled, the price of cotton will go up,” said Adams.

Both Sills and Adams said they are optimistic about this year’s yield.

And believe cotton will continue to thrive.

“But the farmers of Georgia are without a doubt the most resilient people, some of the most resilient people on earth,” said Sills.

Some of those top cotton-producing counties include Worth, Irwin, Colquitt, and Thomas counties.

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