Murder trial for two cousins set to start Tuesday

Trial begins for man accused in 2018 Albany murder case
Chavalier Paul, a South Alabama man was shot and killed in Albany over a year ago.
Chavalier Paul, a South Alabama man was shot and killed in Albany over a year ago. (Source: WALB)

Now, we’re learning why trial for the men accused in the case didn’t start Monday.

Cousins Demond and Dontavious Wingfield are both charged in the July 2018 death of Che’valier Kenyatta Paul.

One man was indicted on three charges and the other on seven counts in the case.

Among those charges are felony murder, aggravated assault, and attempting to elude a police officer.

The shooting happened just after 5 a.m. on the morning of July 11, 2018.

It was the ninth homicide of the year.

The violent crime rocked many in the community as the victim, Paul, was a delivery driver.

Police told us he was out on a delivery to a local auto glass dealer when he was shot.

At the time, Dougherty County Coroner Michael Fowler called the act a “senseless killing.”

Jury selection was set to start Monday, but prosecutors said other pre-trial matters had to be handled first.

Prosecutors said Demond entered a plea last Friday.

The clerk of court said some of the pre-trial matters discussed on Monday involved Demond’s testimony in this case.

Prosecutors said Demond now only faces an aggravated assault charge.

Originally, he was charged with malice and felony murder.

Attorneys said he will testify about what happened in this case as part of his plea agreement.

Prosecutors said both men participated in the act, but Dontavious is allegedly the shooter.

An indictment said Paul was shot in the torso and face with a nine millimeter caliber pistol.

It also said Dontavious tried to get away in his car when police went after him.

We're told when they did, they found marijuana on him as well.

The indictment also alleges Dontavious of having the gun after he was already convicted on a felony charge.

Those include multiple burglary and aggravated assault counts.

Now, jury selection will start on Tuesday at 8:30 in the morning.

We will see what the future has for both men as they sit in trial this week.

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