Storm damage post-Michael still plagues an Albany homeowner

Storm damage post-Michael still plagues an Albany homeowner

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - A year later, and the toll Hurricane Michael took on the Albany community is still prevalent.

Tarps are still on roofs and stumps still in yards.

“I met my husband at Georgia. He and I both went to Georgia," Dee Mathews, an Albany homeowner, said.

Pictures of Jimmy Mathews, Dee’s husband, hang throughout the house.

“I met my husband Jimmy and that was ‘Katy Bar the Door’. It was love at first sight, I guess," Mathews said. "He had beautiful blue eyes.”

Dee lost Jimmy seven years ago to Parkinson’s disease. Memories of their life together are framed throughout her house. There’s no doubt Dee loved Jimmy and it’s also evident of her love of something else.

“The Dan Magill, our famous tennis coach. And then the one of Coach Dooley and Erk. But I’m missing several that go over there."

The photos of her Jimmy and their beloved school were almost lost forever last year.

“We go through a lot of thunderstorms and heavy rainstorms, I think, here in South Georgia. But nothing compared to that,” Mathews said.

Currently, Mathews’ house looks unscathed from the destructive storm.

But one year later, there’s a rather large problem still sitting in her yard —huge tree stumps.

“That’s what I’m waiting for now is to get my insurance coverage to get those trees out of my yard,” Mathews said.

Mathews’ home lost a few shutters, her pictures came down, and two trees were uprooted. Stumps in the front and back yards serve as reminders still.

Stumps remain in Dee Mathew's home a year after Hurricane Michael.
Stumps remain in Dee Mathew's home a year after Hurricane Michael. (Source: WALB)

“There’s been lots of people that had a lot more damage than I did," Mathews said. "So I guess basically I’m on the bottom of the list, which is fine.”

Mathews has spent the past year thanking God that her home was unscathed. She’s also been thanking her Albany neighbors for their help after the storm.

I think the community’s just wonderful doing that. When the need shows or comes, we show. It was great.”
Dee Mathews on her neighbors after Hurricane Michael

A year of construction and rebuilding, the memories are going back up on the wall.

“We had some beautiful autographed pictures that we wanted to save for our grandchildren. You know, because they’re Dawg fans, too," said Mathews.

Mathews, and others like her, just have to wait until insurance comes through and until construction companies are no longer backed up.

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