Fearful store clerk speaks out about recent Albany crimes

Store clerk speaks out after armed robbery

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - The Albany Police Department (APD) is working to find out who’s responsible for the four robberies that happened last week.

APD said from Sept. 28 through Oct. 5 the following incidents happened at public stores:

  • Stuart Avenue Mini Mart - No armed robbery as the suspect didn’t take anything, shot fired in defense.
  • Liberty Gas Station (Stuart Avenue) - Shots fired.
  • Dollar General (East Oglethorpe ) - No shots fired, but weapon pointed at another.
  • Armed robbery at Enmarket in the 2000 block of Clark Avenue last Monday.

The store clerk at Enmarket spoke to WALB about the terrifying moment a man pointed a gun at her forehead.

APD said two men are on the run right now in that robbery.

That woman is still shaken up a week later.

“I don’t know how to explain it or where to go from here but just look for another job. That’s all I can do,” Erniesha Williams, the former Enmarket store employee, said.

An armed robbery at Enmarket in the 2000 block of Clark Avenue last Monday.
An armed robbery at Enmarket in the 2000 block of Clark Avenue last Monday. (Source: WALB)

Williams, who has only been in Albany for a year, recently had a close encounter with death at an unusual place.

“In the middle of the transaction, two guys run in with guns. One stood by the door, keeping a lookout while the other one ran straight up to me pointing the gun right at my forehead,” said Williams.

It happened a week ago at Enmark gas station on Clark Avenue around 9 p.m. Albany police said one of the men demanded money.

And they used a different tactic.

“He came in with actually a plastic bag. That’s what I threw the money in. It was like a regular shopping bag he had,” said Williams.

Williams said she loaded the bag with money from multiple registers. She cooperated to spare her life, a coworker’s life, and her last customer left in the store.

“It’s either your life or you don’t know if they’re trigger happy. You don’t know if they’re here for the money. Or if they want to take my life,” said Williams.

APD said there’s been four incidents at stores within the last week, and now Williams wants all these crimes to stop.

“I just wish there was a better way to keep the employees safe at these places and help from the police,” said Williams.

Now, this transplant from Queens, New York is without a job after being let go after this incident.

“It was already hard enough trying to get a job. And then when I had one, and I am a good worker, it’s like starting all over again. But it is what it is,” said Williams.

APD said all the incidents are still under investigation.

If you know anything about this case and others, you’re asked to call Albany Area Crimestoppers at (229) 436-TIPS.

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