Albany warehouse proves vital during Hurricane Michael

Albany warehouse proves vital during Hurricane Michael

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Albany is no stranger to storms and the city’s level of preparation before Hurricane Michael proved it.

The city has a warehouse full of any type of supply they could possibly need. The items inside range from sewer pipes to electrical wires to even toilet paper.

It's all meticulously organized, so any linemen or crew member can run in, go to the exact material they need and get back on the road.

Organization that helped them get the power back on after Michael as quickly as they did.

“Every time they even go through small storms, we’re learning new things to make it more efficient and to help our customers because we understand our customers need the power for their hospitals, their schools, for breathing machines. And we want to make sure we have a good stock in our warehouse to take care of our community,” Renne Nickels, Albany’s project manager, said.

Renee Nickles, Albany project manger.
Renee Nickles, Albany project manger. (Source: WALB)
Albany linemen during training.
Albany linemen during training. (Source: WALB)

The level of organization was also vital when crews from other cities were sent to the Good Life City to help.

Albany linemen could show the helping crews where to go to get them out in the city as quickly as possible.

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