Ashburn Police arrest 3 suspects for home invasion in the same week

3 people arrested in Ashburn home invasions

ASHBURN, Ga. (WALB) - Ashburn police arrested three people in connection to two home invasions this week.

“No sir, we don’t really have home invasions here. I mean, honestly, I live right there and we don’t even lock our doors,” Chasity Pate, resident in Ashburn said.

Pate says she’s not had to worry about her family’s safety until now. Detective Michael Kling said how surprised he was when the two crimes happened back to back.

Ashburn Police Department
Ashburn Police Department (Source: WALB)

“It caught me by surprise that it was two back to back like that. We caught them relatively quick, the officers that responded before I came out already had one in custody. The other was in the hospital,” Kling said.

Police say Furdale Jackson and Lee Andrew Brown knocked on the door to a home in the 700 block of West Madison Avenue Monday night around 11:30. When the homeowner came to the door and they rushed inside.

Ashburn home invasion suspects
Ashburn home invasion suspects (Source: WALB)

Officers say the pair got into a fight with the homeowner, which they didn’t know when the homeowner shot Brown injuring his hand. Brown was taken to the hospital, then to jail after police investigated that he was apart of breaking into the home.

Also, officers say Joseph McCoy acted alone in a home invasion Tuesday night on Taylor Circle.

A report says McCoy hit the homeowner in the head with a gun causing him to bleed when cops arrived.

All men are charged with first degree home invasion and other related charges.

The two homes were less than 10 minutes apart but police say the two cases are unrelated.

“Usually it is during the day or during the night when somebody is at work and not there and that is what most of our burglaries have been,” Kling told us.

People who live in Ashburn say they see this as a wake-up call to become more involved in keeping their family safe.

Ashburn Resident
Ashburn Resident (Source: WALB)

“We are going to start locking our doors and watching what is going on. My fiancé has tools and stuff everywhere and we are going to start having to put stuff up. It scares me you know what I’m saying I’m scared for my daughters. Kids go missing all the time and I will be locking my doors from now on,” Chasity Pate explained.

Detective Kling says the three men are now off the street, but it’s always best to stay vigilant.

“All three are in custody. Two from Monday night and one from Tuesday night. The best thing I can recommend is that if you see something that stands out or doesn’t feel right go ahead and call us,” Kling insisted.

Ashburn Police Department wants people to report any suspicious activity that they might see.

You can reach the department at (229) 567-2323.

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