Drawdowns to begin for Lake Worth, Chehaw

Drawdowns to begin for Lake Worth, Chehaw

LAKE WORTH, Ga. (WALB) - Georgia Power is advising residents on Lake Worth and Chehaw to secure their boats for a scheduled maintenance drawdown.

The drawdowns started on Monday.

The company will be drawing down those bodies of water by half a foot until it is nine feet below full pool.

The routine maintenance of the flood control gates on the Muckafoonee Creek will lead to a lower drawdown for a longer time.

Georgia Power representatives said residents should also be aware of fluctuating water levels.

“The routine maintenance that they are doing is on the flood control gates. They can’t get to the flood control gates to do the routine maintenance if the lake is at the full pool because there is too much water. There is nothing wrong with the flood control gates, it’s just time to do that routine maintenance every few years,” said Allison Gregoire, the media relations specialist with Georgia Power.

Georgia Power expects Lake Worth and Chehaw to return to full pool levels in late November.

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