Blazers make history with 17th straight win

Took down Ohio Dominican 48-21 to break school record for most consecutive wins

Blazers make history with 17th straight win
VSU sets school record with 17th straight victory (Source: WALB)

VALDOSTA, Ga. (WALB) - The Valdosta State Blazers found win number 2 on the season.

And it came with a little bit of history in Bazemore-Hyder stadium.

With the Blazers high powered offense leading the way, Valdosta State took down Ohio Dominican 48-21.

Giving them a school record, 17 victories in a row.

But for head coach Gary Goff, the records don’t mean much to him.

It’s all about how his team is performing, and how they are gearing up for the next challenge.

“Well, we’re dangerous," said Goff. "We are a dangerous football team. We do have a lot of weapons. But I think what I want to see is improvement everyday. Again, if we can cut out some of those silly mistakes. I know some times we’re not going to have calls go our way and that’s understandable. There’s still some things that we messed up on tonight. One being a substiution and I don’t know what happened some of these guys come off the field and forget we have special teams. And a couple young guys. There’s no excuse for that and that’s on us coaches. There’s some things that the coaches got to tighten up and some thing that the players got to tighten up. If we do those thing, it’ll be a lot of fun.”

The Blazers will take the field Saturday against West Alabama.

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