2019 Nut Roll another huge success

More than 300 cyclist rode in the 16th annual event

2019 Nut Roll another huge success
16th annual Nut Roll bicycle ride (Source: walb)

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - If you saw a few cyclists on the road Saturday that means it’s the second Saturday in September and it’s time for another Nut Roll.

More than three hundred cyclists came to Albany, Saturday for this annual ride.

Event coordinators told us this event is their biggest fundraiser for bicycle advocacy.

It helps bring awareness to bikers, such as installing road signs to warn drivers about the cyclists.

Co-Director, Stephen Waddell told us he loves seeing this event grow each year.

“People have really enjoyed getting out and exercising. I think everybody’s people are trying to be a lot healthier these days. And we’ve got people of all ages, we’ve got people all the way from the youth to our seniors. You’d be amazed how many 75-year-old people we have out riding 100 miles, today,” said Waddell.

After the event the Pecan City Pedalers raised nearly $23,000 for bicycle advocacy.

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