Albany Tech College and the State work out a deal over Lowe Road

Albany and the State work out a deal over Lowe Road

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Albany city leaders said they should’ve given Lowe Road to the state back in 2006.

Now, Albany Technical College wants to own a portion of the road that runs through its campus.

Lowe Road sits between Albany Technical College and the Dougherty County Public Health Department.

The corner of Lowe Road and Slappey Boulevard.
The corner of Lowe Road and Slappey Boulevard. (Source: WALB)

If the city gives Lowe Road over to the state, a state-run school, for their use, the city will give the state a portion of the old Lowe Road that’s on the Albany Tech campus.

The state will then give the city an easement to maintain the utilities of the old Lowe Road right-of-way.

The state will also give the city a portion of the new Lowe Road right-of-way.

The only thing the city public works needs now is a sign-off from Dougherty County Commissioners.

So it's basically a swap between Albany and the state.

“Albany Technical College wanted ownership of the property, they didn’t want the right-of-way running through their existing campus. It should have been done back in 2006. So this is just to clean up ownership of the property,” said Bruce Maples, Engineering and Planning Managing Director.

The portion of Lowe Road the college wants was relocated back in 2006, which is why Maples said this swap should have been made back then.

Now, on the city’s end, the official transfer of ownership from the city to the state can begin.

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