Safe and Sound: The dangers of Vaping

Safe and Sound: The dangers of vaping

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Health organizations are again alerting Americans about the possible dangers of e-cigarettes after a sixth person has died.

In just the past few days, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported a huge jump in the number of people developing mysterious lung illnesses after vaping.

So far, they said there are 450 possible cases and at least a half dozen are believed to have died.

6 deaths associated with vaping.
6 deaths associated with vaping. (Source: American Medical Association)

The American Medical Association wants everyone to stop using e-cigarette products altogether.

"People need to be very careful. And if they're going to vape, don't vape with homemade solutions. Vape with retail products, although we can't say that's safe either," said Dr. Alvin Bronstein.

The American Lung Association said these products are not regulated and there’s a lot that they just don’t know about them yet.

“Tragically, e-cigarettes are comprised of chemicals that are being inhaled into the lungs. They've always had chemicals in them, but we do not yet know what is causing this outbreak and the diseases that have been reported as part of this epidemic,” said Erika Sward with the American Lung Association.

Health officials have said they do not know if vaping is definitively causing these illnesses and deaths, but investigators are working to figure out if there really is a link.

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