Man released on bond in Brooks Co. after murder conviction

Man released on bond in Brooks Co. after murder conviction

BROOKS CO., Ga. (WALB) - One man is out on bond after he was convicted of felony murder and aggravated assault, among other charges.

“They shouldn’t be out," said Earl Dasher Sr., father of Mickey Albritton, the shooting victim.

Earl Dasher Sr., father of Mickey Albritton
Earl Dasher Sr., father of Mickey Albritton (Source: WALB)

Brothers Javis Denson and Myron Mitchell were both sentenced to life in prison for their involvement in the 2013 shooting that killed Albritton and severely injured another.

The shooting happened in the 800 block of Morris Avenue.

“I’m thinking it was over when they sentenced them, but now we got to go through it all again," said Dasher.

The brothers were tried and sentenced less than a year ago, but Denson has since been released.

Earl Dasher Sr. is the father to the man who was severely wounded in the shooting, Earl Dasher Jr.

Earl Sr. said his son was best friends Albritton.

“The man that is dead, their kids got to live without a father for the rest of their life. My son will have to go through the same thing again that he went through last year. So, I’m quite sure that it will take a toll on him again, to have to relive that moment again," said Earl Sr.

Jones said that he and his son are left confused and devastated.

“I don’t, I think it’s unfair but this is the justice system. I’m assuming this is where it’s supposed to be," said District Attorney Brad Shealy.

District Attorney Brad Shealy
District Attorney Brad Shealy (Source: WALB)

Shealy said Denson’s release was the result of a granted motion for a new trial and him meeting bond.

“It doesn’t happen often, but it can be done under the law," said Shealy.

Shealy said the law allows a superior court judge to act as a 13th juror.

“The judge found, in his opinion, that the verdict was against the weight of the evidence," said Shealy.

Shealy said that his office is appealing the decision to give Denson a new trial to the Georgia Supreme Court.

“It was a several-day case, with two defendants and two lawyers dealing with the case. Having the verdict returned can be frustrating," said Shealy.

Mitchell is set to be in court Monday to have his motion for a new trial heard.

Shealy said that he has reminded the families that the wheels of justice turn, but sometimes, they turn slowly. He said that they have plans to continue fighting for that justice.

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