105-year-old N.D. woman has lived in the same home since birth

Woman lives in the same house for 105 years

It's not every day you hear about someone who is living beyond the age of 100, especially when they have had only one place to call home.

Clara Toman Bures, celebrated her 105th birthday Sunday and has a story that's one-of-a-kind.

She was born in 1914, in the farmhouse her father built and wants to stay there until she passes away.

"But I think her determination to stay in her house has really kept her going because she does not want to move into a retirement center or nursing home. She's very much against that, she wants to stay right here on the farm," said Bures' daughter Carole Ostafin.

Ostafin says she and her siblings take turns visiting Bures often.

"She does live here by herself, basically with my brother a half of mile away, but my sister and I have overlapped, making sure either she or I were here helping her with the cleaning the cooking, laundry, etc.," Ostafin said.

There were many hardships to endure living in the farmhouse in the early 1900s, including when there was no electricity or running water. They lived off the land, planting gardens and butchering chickens and beef.

"And she would prefer just to stay home and have her family around her," said Ostafin.

Ostafin says Bures has always been grateful for her close-knit family which she says contributed to her long life. She outlived Ostafin's father who passed at 94.

Ostafin and her siblings were amazed at Bures’ 100th birthday, but they say now she’s passed that, they feel extremely blessed.

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