Fitzgerald council member resigns

Fitzgerald council member resigns
Neesa Williams said residents can and still continue to call her since her resignation as a Fitzgerald City Council member. (Source: Source:WALB)

FITZGERALD, Ga. (WALB) - After eight years, a South Georgia city councilwoman is resigning this week.

“My husband and I had the opportunity to move to another home and unfortunately it was actually just outside of the city limits and we were not able to annex at the time in order for me to be able to stay on the council. It just has been a great opportunity to help our citizens and to be able to help them recognize what Fitzgerald is all about," Neesa Williams, former council member, said.

She is the former East and West-at-Large representative and said this is her only reason for leaving.

However, she will continue to be the executive director at the Fitzgerald Ben Hill Chamber of Commerce.

Williams said residents can continue to call her, even after her resignation on Monday.

“They can and ironically over the last couple of days since I resigned. I have had people, a number of them, have text me and sent me emails and said ‘Now what do we do? ‘Who do we ask?’ and that’s exactly what I’ll do. I’ll refer them to the other city council members or perhaps it may be the mayor himself or it may be one of our deputy administrators. But that is the same thing we’ve always done. We’re a very tight-knit team.”

A special election will not be held because officials said would cost the city thousands.

However, elections are right around the corner in November and voters already know what they want to see in their next leader.

Tim Anderson, Fitzgerald resident.
Tim Anderson, Fitzgerald resident. (Source: Source:WALB)

“I would like for our next council member, as I do for all of our council members, to be people who are engaged in the community. Who have gone to the community and solicited information from the community on problems, things they need to work on toward and then be willing to go back to the council and work with the council as a whole and the mayor to solve those problems and accomplish those goals,” Tim Anderson, a Fitzgerald resident, said.

Elections will be held on Nov. 5. Two Fitzgerald council seats will be on the ballot.

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